2020's surprising result
When we had to cancel our fundraising plans for the year last April, we knew that our annual results would be well down on previous years.  Amazingly, we have somehow produced a total of £6,247.38 for 2020 - much more than we dared hope.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that we can get going again soon, though! 

Fantastic funds from Ferraris
Support for the Lifeboats comes in many forms, and not just in cash.  One of the most unusual - and exciting - bequests the RNLI has received was a couple of classic cars, which just happened to be two of the world's rarest Ferraris. They were sold by auction, the silver 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 selling for £1,930,000, and the 1960 red Ferrari 250 GT SWB going for an amazing £6,600,000!  Part of the £8.5m raised funded new equipment for the all-weather lifeboat and the launch and recovery system for the lifeboat at Hastings, while £2.8m funded a new state-of-the-art lifeboat station at Pwllheli  The new Shannon lifeboat 'Richard and Caroline Colton' commemorates the generous donor. So, if you're wondering who to leave your prized motors to...

"Virtual Flag Day" beats last year's!
Saturday 30th May should have been our City Centre Flag Day, our main collecting opportunity of the year, but of course it had to be cancelled.  And yet, we have beaten last year's total (£1,367.55), as one of our supporters donated £1,370 to kick off a "Virtual Flag Day" - and another generous donation took the total (so far) to £1,600.  With these donations being Gift Aided that will be worth £2,000 to the RNLI.  If you would like to chip in (it doesn't have to be a four-figure sum!) please contact our Treasurer, Judy Jones (Treasurer@rnli-derby.org.uk), who would be pleased to hear from you.  Thanks! 

We've had to call a halt to our fundraising
Sadly, we have had to suspend our fundraising efforts for the time being, while the public health emergency is on. We all hope we can get our collecting buckets out again soon.  We are still able to receive donations, though!

2020 events get us off to a grand start
Our first two events of 2020 have got us off to a good start, bringing in over £1,000.  
Tesco in Mickleover welcomed us on Thursday 27th February, and we collected an amazing £800.24 – a really brilliant result for a one-day effort!
  Pictured here are Ron Payne and Judy Jones ready to start their stint.
Then on Saturday 7th March we hoped for a busy day at Derby Railway Station, but the postponement of the Derby County football reduced the footfall.  Nevertheless, we did manage to collect £235.09 and sell souvenirs worth £48.75, so it was still worthwhile. Well done, everyone!
We have now banked £1,372.85 so far this year.

The results are now in...
We are delighted to report that our final total for 2019 is a wonderful £11,317.99, with Christmas card profits having produced £1,292.42.  This is a great result, even though we didn't match last year (when we had some exceptional special donations), and we thank everyone who has helped with their time, ideas, encouragement and donations.  Well done, everyone! 

Final push towards £10,000 for the year!
Our final effort for the year was on 30th November when we held another collection at Derby Railway Station, and despite the cold weather, and the engineering work which disrupted the London trains, we collected a splendid £413.51 - well done and thanks to our volunteers!.
We took the opportunity to have a sales stall on the station overbridge too, and the day's proceeds took our year's total for the sales of Christmas cards, calendars and diaries to just over £2,100.  The profit from these is expected to be about £1,250, which with the £9,550 we've already banked should take us to a five-figure total for the year.

Three events - three good results
Staffing two sales stalls on the same day gives us a bit of a headache, as does the problem of providing enough stock for them both.  But on Saturday 16th November that's what we had to do, to take advantage of two opportunities, and Jean Dobson did a great job in organising them.
Pictured are Sue Stanier at the Derby Bus Station stall which produced sales of £203.50 and donations of £162.97, and Chris Tucker and Judy Jones at Melbourne Church Fair where they sold £114.50 worth of cards and received donations of £13.83.
Earlier in the week, Di Silverwood held another of her events and raised £163.90 for the RNLI.  Our thanks to her for yet more generous support.

Christmas card sales get under way
Autumn is now here, and that means Christmas is on the way.  So our annual Christmas card and calendar sales have now begun, and we had a great two days at the Park Farm shopping centre. On Friday 18 October we sold  £359.40 worth, and Saturday's total of £332.15 nearly matched it. 
Alongside our sales stall we also had a collection, which brought in excellent results too –  £331.55 on Friday and £341.04 on Saturday.
Our thanks as always to the Park Farm management for this opportunity, to their customers for their generosity, and of course to our volunteers for turning out in the cold!
Pictured right are Pauline Vernon and Ron Payne manning the sales stand, and Tony Welton ready to start his collecting stint.
Lifeboats come to Derbyshire!
When we're collecting in and around our area, we sometimes get comments about not needing lifeboats in Derbyshire.  Well, in early August the RNLI's Flood Rescue team was on duty in Derbyshire, ready to act if the Toddbrook reservoir at Whaley Bridge gave way, and supporting the emergency services working to make it safe.  Let's hope we don't ever need them to come any nearer to us, though.
Jean Dobson and Judy Jones at the Chellaston Charity Fayre, ready to collect and sell, and to spread the RNLI 'Respect the Water' messages ahead of the school summer holidays.
July and August round-up
The Wyevale Garden Centre at Findern has now become one of Dobbies' centres, but happily we were still able to collect there on Sunday 14th July, and banked £152.82.
On Saturday 20th July we attended a Charity Fayre in Chellaston, and as well as selling £43.50 worth of goods and receiving £118 in donations (including £105 from the Browning Circle Knit & Natter group), we gave out RNLI Sea Safety publicity and made some useful connections.
Miss Di Silverwood, a long-time supporter of our Branch, held another of her garden parties on 27th July – the result was a generous donation of £230, and we also sold £48 worth of goods. Sadly the 'garden' party was forced indoors by the rain, however.
And on 4th August we were back at Swarkestone Nurseries, and collected £197.23.
Our grateful thanks to everyone who helped with all these sources of income for the Lifeboats, taking our year's total so far to £5,890.16.
Feted at Findern
On 15th June we attended our third Findern Fete, to spread the RNLI's 'Respect the Water' sea safety messages to local children. Sadly the water did not respect Alan and Martin (who manned the stall), when rain brought the event to a premature end at 3pm. But by then we had sold £51 worth of souvenirs and made £25 from the raffle for a bottle of whisky (kindly donated by Harpur's Coaches), which with donations of £22, gave us a total of £98 for the day.

Flag Day's surprising result 
Our annual city centre Flag Day collection is our biggest effort of the year, but holidays and illness meant that our team of collectors was a bit depleted this year.  Despite that, the total for the day was £1,367.55, not much less than last year's, and better than most recent years.  Well done to all our volunteers, including (pictured here) Dave Bone, Chairman of Burton & South Derbyshire Branch, and the team back at 'base camp' at the end of the day - Alan, Alf, Judy, Jean and Sue.

Another super harvest from Park Farm!

We always do well when we collect or sell goods at the Park Farm shopping centre in Allestree, but our two-day visit on 3rd and 4th May went well beyond our expectations. Friday's total was £416.11, while the busier Saturday produced £526.08 – a total of £942.19.  Added to this there was the souvenir stall which made £74.90 on Friday and £47.25 on Saturday – £122.15 in total – and the profit from those sales takes the overall result to over £1,000Thanks to all our volunteers and to the Park Farm management – and of course to the shoppers for their generosity and friendliness. Brilliant!
This has helped to take our total for 2019 to date to £3,326.50.

Rail Station collection produces another first class total
Our December collection at Derby Railway Station was comfortably our best ever result there - until now!  On Saturday 30th March we were there again, and were amazed and delighted to achieve a total of £475.38 - with over £50 worth of souvenir sales to add to that.  We'll be back there again before too long, but can we do even better next time?
Our thanks to East Midlands Trains for making us welcome, and to their travellers (and those of Cross Country Trains) for their generous support.
Pictured above are Sue Stanier and Alf Wall on the stall; Will Stanier, Jean Dobson and Terry Pool taking the sign literally; and Terry and Jean being "minded" by police sergeant Darren Clarke! 

At the end of February we had banked £1,280 for 2019, at what is usually a quiet time of the fundraising year.  This includes a very welcome donation of £110 from Ripley Tangent Club, as well as a number of smaller donations and the contents of some of our collecting boxes in pubs and shops around the area.
Been to a Lifeboat Station lately?
The Branch is always interested to hear of visits made to a Lifeboat station. So, please send any details and photos to our chairman, Will Stanier, whose contact details can be found on the ‘Contact Us’ page on this website. To ‘kick off’ such ad hoc pieces, at the end of January Will and Sue Stanier visited Shetland for Lerwick’s Up-Helly-A celebrations. Whilst in Lerwick, Will and Sue also visited the Lifeboat stationed there. They were warmly welcomed by Coxswain Darren Harcus and Mechanic Ian Harms who showed them over the Severn Class Lifeboat “Michael and Jane Vernon” and around the adjacent Crew Room. Will says “Our time at one of the more remote RNLI Lifeboat Stations was one of the highlights of our visit to a snowy Shetland and it was a privilege to meet Darren and Ian who talked to us about many of their recent ‘shouts’, including one featured in the recent TV series ’Saving Lives at Sea’".

Tesco helps more than just a little!

We are always pleased to have an opportunity to collect at the Tesco superstore in Mickleover, as we usually bring in £600 or more.  Our latest effort there was on Friday 15th February, and the result was an excellent £682.85.  Our thanks to Tesco for their hospitality, and to our volunteer collectors - including Sally Jones and Ron Payne, pictured here.

This gets our 2019 effort off to a great start, and we are hoping for more events like this.  Our main collection will be our annual city centre 'Flag Day', which this year will be on Saturday 1st June.  If you can help us to make the most of this opportunity, please keep a couple of hours free for us for that day.
Denstone lodges its support
Last year the Old Denstonian Masonic Lodge held a dinner to mark the installation of their new Worshipful Master, Michael Smith, and at his invitation made generous donations to his nominated charity, the RNLI, of which Michael is a Governor Member.  Many of those donations were made under the Gift Aid scheme, and the final total came to £510.87.  Our Branch Chairman, Will Stanier, was invited to the Lodge's February meeting to receive a cheque on behalf of the RNLI, from the Worshipful Master himself.  We are extremely grateful for this generous support from the Lodge, and Will was very pleased to have this opportunity to express our appreciation.

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