If you’re in trouble on sea or sand

And want your feet back on dry land

There's a service always there for you –

It’s Lifeboats, Lifeguards, all the crew.

But who are they, those out of view,

Who make this work for me and you?

It’s those in branches countrywide

Who raise the funds and more beside.

There is a branch in Derby too

And they would love some help from you.

With just a few more hands on deck

We could increase our annual cheque

The money raised would be affected

And seas and beaches stay protected.

Our small friendly band of local fund-raisers turn out to collect for the Lifeboats, and help with other events, throughout the year.  But we could make more of those opportunities with just a bit more help.

Just an hour or two of your time once in a while, could make a difference to our support for the Lifeboats.

Or maybe you'd like to be a bit more involved?  Call Jean on 01332 517763 for a chat, or email Jean@rnli-derby.org.uk to find out more about what we do, and how we do it.


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